Saturday, 19 March 2016

LCARS 47 Time Beacon

Those of you that have been asking about our stardate system, this post is for you!

Here's our brand new time beacon. This stardate system is standardised starting 6 months after the events of Nemesis and will be used throughout LCARS 47. We developed a system that takes off where Star Trek left whilst maintaining the integrity of canon dates the best we can. Please note that the stardate new year is May 24 (leap year depending).

It will not work alongside other calculators that are using present day times (-335218), Star Trek Online's system (which is about 40 years after Nemesis) or any other made-up system.

Use of this system is granted for any non-commercial purposes, just make a note that you're using the "LCARS 47 Time Beacon" in your documentation. Commercial use is prohibited. That means you may not use this system as part of paid apps or apps containing ads.

Special thanks to Martin Gillow for his work on the Time Beacon page.

Welcome to 2380.

Click or Scan the image above to be 
directed to the LCARS 47 Time Beacon

Edit: 8th of April 2016

Due to an unexpected popularity regarding the T ime Beacon, we are no longer accepting individual formula requests by email as responding to each has become prohibitively time consuming. We will instead release the formula along with LCARS 47 version 6.5.


S Akincay said...

OMG... I love this .
great job thank you to all of you .
how can I get the app I'm I little thick and all I can do is click on the logo and it opens a Web link which I've added to my home screen on like every device I own lol ...

thank you again for you commitment and hard work. Good Job !!!!

S Akincay said...

hi again ... can we use this as a stand alone feature off line ???

Eleanor Catherine Davenport said...

It's not been released yet. Looking at late summer 2016.

Project Manager

Eleanor Catherine Davenport said...

Yes. The stardate system will be fully integrated into LCARS 47 v6.5. The Time Beacon page is just there for those that want reference outside the software.

Project Manager

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