Unsolicited marketing emails will be thoroughly and wholeheartedly ignored... without mercy.

Before contacting us, please read the FAQs below as this should answer the majority of questions. In order to ensure a timely response, please add a relevant subject. Moreover, if you email us asking for the command codes, we will only tell you to read the included manual.

For enquiries regarding the release date of 6.5, read this.
We're wasting 4 hours per week having to deal with sorting out "where's 6.5?" to respond to genuine comments and emails. 6.5 is being delayed and delayed because we do not have the staff to spend time on this issue. Once we have a date, you will certainly know about it. Your email is not an exception to this rule. We want to spend this time working on 6.5.

We have therefore built a robot to answer questions relating to the release of 6.5. Please feel free to ask him that question... over and over, and over. He took a lot of resources to build and he segfaulted a few times. But he's up and running and ready to serve.

Sentry Bot 47
Specially built robot team member for answering single question.

For all else, continue below.
Due to even more abuse regarding the guide (and now the removal of said guide) that Eleanor published "LCARS 101: A Designer's Handbook", we will not respond to questions relating to it. We should not have to deal with this. We do what we do because we enjoy it. Don't ruin it.

Eleanor C. Davenport
Project Manager
Project comments and feedback

Shaun Overton
Assistant Project Manager
Technical issues

Legal / Corporate / Media
Direct to Sollertia Station
LCARS 47 Publisher, Sollertia Station Limited
Business, legal or press enquiries, please contact Sollertia Station


How much does LCARS 47 cost?
It's free. No cost. No ads ether. We are militantly against selling "LCARS Apps" and do not support it. We strongly advise against buying LCARS apps or supporting those that exploit Star Trek in such a way.

Here's why:
People that sell LCARS apps are jeopardising every LCARS project as CBS may decide that enough is enough, rather than going after individual offenders. If CBS were to ever file against someone commercially exploiting LCARS it could set a precedent making the use of LCARS unlawful. At the moment, we enjoy certain freedom in what we do because we respect the IP holders and we make every effort to uphold the integrity of Star Trek, its message, and the reputations of those involved in its production. We do this without asking for anything in return, and so far, CBS are fine with that. 

Does that mean LCARS 47 will suck?
LCARS 47 is regarded as the best LCARS application available. With over a million downloads throughout its 10 year run. The next version will feature Sollertia Station's new Eventus Engine which will mean that all instances of LCARS 47 running on your home network (including LCARS 47 running on your Android devices) will connect out of the box. Not bad, for free, eh?

What are the command codes?

Is LCARS 47 an operating system?
No it is not.

Why not? / But it's based on an operating system?
No it is not. LCARS is not an OS. To call it an OS doesn't do justice to it. LCARS is neither exclusively software, or hardware. It is a group of interconnected hardware including data processors, storage banks, optical pathways (and in some cases bioneural circuitry), peripherals and software layers controlled by the most sophisticated heuristic artificial intelligence imaginable, which can communicate, interpret, understand, adapt and learn. Any OS that simulates the look of an LCARS interface would be functionless, unless companies like Adobe agree to support LCARS GUI design fundamentals (and they barely support Linux as it is). Even then it'll be a lookalike rather than actual LCARS. We're a few hundred years off actual LCARS. That's not taking into account that software programs as we know them don't exist in the 24th century. Y'know, On Holodeck: "Computer, make this a metal table"...

What platform does LCARS 47 run on?
Currently, LCARS 47 v6.3 is available only for Windows Vista, 7, 8, and 8.1. Some very clever computer users have managed to get LCARS 47 running in a Wine environment on both Linux and Mac OSX. This use is however not supported. LCARS 47 version 6.5 will however support Mac OS X out of the box in addition to Windows 7, 8, 8.1, and 10.

Not compatible with Windows XP, 2000 NT4, 9x.
We made this decision a long time ago. Even Microsoft cut support for all those operating systems. C'mon, upgrade. see more

Will you release LCARS 47 for Mac OSX?
Yes. Yes we will. The next version of LCARS 47, version 6.5 will be released for both Windows and Mac OSX.

What about Linux?
No. This is out of our control. This one is all down to Adobe. Until Adobe revises its policy, there is nothing we can do. see more

Edit 08 September 2016:
One awesome individual (thanks, Jarlath) has been keeping an eye on the Linux/Adobe relationship and sent us this gem. This could mean that you're typing "sudo apt-get install lcars47-linux-x86" real soon. 

Can I make LCARS 47 start with Windows?
Yes. Just drag a shortcut to the LaunchCenter into the Startup folder of your Windows Start Menu. Work that Startup folder like it's 1998! Though, 6.5 will be smarter than that, so there will be an autorun on boot option. Yay reg keys!

The LCARS applications won't run full screen on my second monitor, what can I do?
Multiple monitors are not currently natively supported. In the next version of LCARS 47 (6.5), multiple monitors will be fully supported (left). However, please note the hardware requirements will increase (like, actually) if you're running a second instance of LCARS 47 on a single machine. But by all means, buy more monitors. 

Touchscreen: Is there any way to hide the mouse cursor?
Yes, Touchscreens are fully supported. After launching any LCARS 47 app, just enter the Settings Panel and click the cursor button. Note: If you don't have a touchscreen, try not to hide the cursor since it will be very hard to navigate. If this happens, hold "Ctrl" and press "Q" to quit LCARS. Don't worry though, 6.5 will be smarter than that, so the cursor will auto-hide on touchscreens. In addition, there are some features in 6.5 that are designed and optimised for touchscreens, like the transporter panels.

Eleanor uses and recommends the HannsG HT231HPB 23-Inch Widescreen Touchscreen LCD Monitor.

Edit: There are no more stocks of the HannsG monitor. We've been trying to locate more this whole year and Eleanor bought the last stock in the EU.

Edit: We contacted the Hannspree European distributor, and they're back, though at their end of production life. We did notice that due to the success of this model, retailers have doubled the price... Bastards.

Another edit (but you won't like this): Hannspree contacted us and asked if we wanted their remaining stock. They made us a great offer, and Eleanor accepted. We know, she's a lucky bitch. That being said, Hanspree are back to making low cost touchscreens. Here's a budget model, and here's a full HD model. We use the latter too, and they're great. We also get a commission if you use those Amazon links too, which helps pay our hosting!

Touchscreen: Is there any way to hide the touch splash effect (Windows 7 / 8)?
We're working on a way to override this "feature" of Windows. Unfortunately in Windows 8, it's hard-coded into the shell. Yay! You can turn it off in the Control Panel by navigating to "Pen and Touch". But that's a global setting, you'll be disabling it throughout Windows (who needs it, amirite?). I'll update this FAQ when the lab boys get back to me on their progress.

Touchscreen use at conventions: I use a touchscreen at a convention but users accidentally close LCARS 47. Is there a way to prevent this?
The next version of LCARS 47 (6.5) will include a special "theatrical mode" that's designed for displays and film use. It will disable the settings and exit buttons and you will only be able to deactivate it with a key code. Or the AC power somehow fails (you know, like a doomsday situation).

Touchscreen: Mmmm, touchscreen...


Voice interface: LCARS doesn't respond to my commands.
Only available in version Vexillum 5.4 and Prolixus 6.0 onward running on Windows Vista, 7, or 8.
  1. Check that VoiceCommand is configured to listen for commands (launch the VoiceCommand applet and press "ACTV").
  2. Use the Microsoft Voice Training utility in the Windows Control Panel to help Windows recognise your voice.
  3. Make sure you have decent audio capture hardware. A condenser will likely provide crystal voice recognition in ideal environments, but if not correctly set up, you'll hear ants next door farting. Half-off at dollar store mics however, never gonna happen. Get something midrange that you're happy to use.
  4. Try talking to the computer as you would a person. A person... Stop shouting at it—this isn't the '90s
  5. Try to reduce background noise. A lot of people end up emailing us saying it's not working when they're using the computer and someone has a TV on or children are playing in the background.
  6. Make sure Windows Speech Recognition is not running while VoiceCommand is running as they have been known to conflict.
LCARS 47 runs slowly at times, is there anything I can do?
Buy a nice new computer. If that's not an option, there's a quality setting option in the Settings Panel.

Master Control Panel: The MCP crashes on load.
I thought we fixed that... Make sure you install LCARS 47 with admin rights. And that the "LCARS47_MCP.exe" is also running with administrator privileges. Please also ensure you have Microsoft .NET 4.0 installed.

Can I be a part of your routine testing call outs?
We frequently publish requests for users to test our applications as part of a closed testing practice. If you would like to be a part of this, then please check our main page for any open positions or our Facebook page. Applications subject to qualification and agreement to sign NDA. 18+ only.


Will you include "x"?
It depends on what "x" is. If it's canon, it will qualify for inclusion and we might include it at some point, if it's not canon, then it won't. Yes, that means there will be no Marines mentioned... Also, can the guy that keeps emailing Eleanor telling her that his STO character is canon and should have his own bio please stop. Her response is and always will be "no".

Can I submit a resource for inclusion?
We will at some point be accepting user submitted content for inclusion. It is important to note that we like to maintain a very high quality standard. Sadly that means that we will not accept submissions that do not meet the quality control requirements. Content submissions are subject to the Sollertia Station policy regarding User Generated Content (see section 3.4).

EXPEDITUS (LCARS 47 for Android)

Can I have Android source files?
We do not intend to release source files for the Android versions as, in the past, there have been people stealing from our project to make money. That happens a lot...

Can I be a part of your routine testing call outs?
We frequently publish requests for users to test our Android applications as part of a closed testing practice. If you would like to be a part of this, then please check our main page for any open positions or our Facebook page. Again, applications are subject to qualification and agreement to sign NDA. 18+ only.

Can Expeditus be connected directly to LCARS 47 running on my computer and control them?
Yes. Yes it can. Because who wouldn't want that?

You say that LCARS 47 for Android is free, but I've seen that it costs money on the Google Play Store, why is this?
We have been made aware that some people are selling LCARS apps and attempting to pass them off as LCARS 47 in hope of a quick sale. We have absolutely nothing to do with this, as the real LCARS 47 is freeware. Unfortunately this has also lead to a number of complaints to us from people that have fallen victim to this. All of our products are published exclusively by Sollertia Station. Buy at your own risk.

I've seen some of your work for sale in the Play Store / App Store / Windows Marketplace
Again, some people have stolen content from LCARS 47 for the sake of making money. We would appreciate a heads up on these people. If you could send a link to the page where you found the stolen work, we'll look into it. Just don't buy it, if it's for sale, it's definitely not LCARS 47.

Will you release Expeditus for iOS?
No. We will not. The developer license for Google Play is a one-off £25 fee. The iOS developer license is £299 per year. We do not have that in our budget. Moreover, due to the closed nature of iOS and limited hardware capabilities, it would mean running parallel builds alongside our Android versions as direct port publishing would not be possible.

For a more visual answer, see Jeff Lofver's wonderful blog, Don't Hit Save.

It should also be noted that CBS also have their own official LCARS app in the Apple App Store. Go buy CBS's stuff, we approve of that!

Will you release Expeditus for Windows Phone?
No. Not yet, at least. Although only charging a one-off fee of $99 (for businesses), Microsoft require all applications be written in C♯ for some reason.We could bodge Expeditus into a C♯ wrapper, but that would ultimately fail our rigorous quality control standards. C♯... C-riously... 


Can I use screenshots of LCARS 47 on my website?
Yes, you can use an unlimited number of screenshots on any non-commercial website. A link to the LCARS 47 Dev Blog ( would be appreciated.

Can I use the applications on monitors in my fan film/series/convention?
For non-commercial projects (that means things you do not get paid for, in any way), go right ahead. Please include the appropriate credits as shown below, you can alter the formatting to suit the style of your rolling credits so long as all the information is there. This also includes Expeditus. Please also ensure that your project complies with the new Fan Film Guidelines from CBS.

Monitor Animation by 
Sollertia Station

The LCARS 47 Development Project
Project Manager: Eleanor Catherine Davenport
Lead Developer: Shaun Overton
Quality Conrol: Lee Byrne

Film Name and Studio Name is not associated with,
or endorsed by Sollertia Station or its projects

It should be noted that we do not allow our software to be used in productions that are pornographic, obscene, defamatory or otherwise damaging to the Star Trek franchise, CBS, Paramount Pictures, Viacom, Sollertia Station, or any other organisation. No exceptions.

We saw your work at Destination Star Trek, will you come to our convention?
We will gladly work with any convention organiser on licensed events. Subject to event insurance, travel, accommodation, expenses, and scheduling. Please contact Sollertia Station directly to discuss.

Can I use prints of LCARS 47 on props?
If you do not manufacture the props for sale, and they are for your own use, then yes. However if your intent is to sell the prop, then no, LCARS 47 is distributed as freeware—it may never be sold, in any form. It may also violate fan related licensing from CBS/Paramount.


What program do you use to create LCARS 47?
Most of the LCARS 47 suite is made in Adobe Flash / Adobe Animate, Microsoft Visual Studio and so on. However there are a number of back end programs involved, like Audacity, for the sound editing, Adobe Photoshop, and of course, everyone's favourite on-the-fly editor, Notepad.

Do you do collaborations?
We do not. Mainly due to time restrictions.

Can I have the source files?
At this time, We do not intend to release the source files, because the project is being actively worked on. Some files are also based on proprietary software which cannot be released for legal reasons.

Can I have the sounds from LCARS 47?
Our sounds are a mix of canon sounds remastered from the show and cannot be released as assets for legal reasons. Other sounds are produced exclusively for LCARS 47. Those sounds give LCARS 47 a unique audio experience which would be lost if we opened our sound library to the public.

Will you support, share, or endorse my LCARS app?
We do not endorse paid apps or apps that contain ads. We are strongly against pay-walling LCARS in any form, and moreso against incorporating adware into LCARS applications. 

Will you put a link on your site that links to my website?
At this time, we do not post links to unrelated websites. We will at some point post links to official partners of LCARS 47.