Saturday, 28 January 2012

Voice Command - Confirmed

Long ago, there was a promised voice interface functionality; now, it's confirmed to be incorporated into both versions 5 and 6. Early tests are rather promising, even in the most unforgiving noisy environments. It is however, advisable to have a decent microphone. There's still a few minor glitches that need ironing out, but aside from that, everything is now ahead of schedule.

The fun part is standing up from your office chair, and shouting "Red Alert".

Now, onto the more technical side of things. The voice recognition is powered by Game Commander 2. It's simply the best engine for this type of human interface. Microsoft's APIs don't offer the simplicity of programmability that Game Commander 2 does nor does it match its accuracy. Using Game Commander 2 also takes a huge weight off total development time allocated to LCARS 47, since time that would have been spent tinkering with API code can go into ensuring quality graphics and a canon-fitting LCARS GUI.

Game Commander 2 - Download (no longer used)

Update: September 15 2014
We no longer support Game Commander (or any other voice control software) as we now bundle our own in-house software with the latest version of LCARS 47.


Wade Freeman said...

So LCARS is hearing everything I say and it beeps but that's all it does. It doesnt go to read alert or blue alert, just beeps.

Eleanor Catherine Davenport said...

Hi there, could you shoot Shaun a message with deatails of the problem, including LCARS 47 version number, Windows OS and hardware information.

Project Manager

Unknown said...

I have the issue as well

Unknown said...

yep mine beeps but nothing happens either, the log shows I said red alert blue alert etc but nothing happens

scott conlan said...

make sure you have activated the right voice control program and also have lcars on system display, also auto destruct will only work if you are on red alert aready, you cant just blow up the ship when not at red.

Operator863 said...

Hello! So happy LCARS47 is a thing first of all, but I too am having a problem figuring out how voice commands work. I'm playing around on my laptop, do I need to have multiple displays for it to work?

Operator863 said...

Hello! First of all i am so happy that LCARS47 Is a thing, secondly I am having trouble getting red alert to activate. I do not have multiple dosplays running, windows 10 on a new HP laptop for now. Mic is on and says it hears noise. Something else I need to do?

Anonymous said...

same problem,noting happens and it recognizes that i talk but nothing happens

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