Tuesday, 19 September 2017

For enquiries regarding the release date of 6.5, read this.

As this is an ongoing issue, please be mindful that this issue has gotten really out of control now. 

We're wasting 4 hours per week having to deal with sorting out "where's 6.5?" to respond to genuine comments and emails. 6.5 is being delayed and delayed because we do not have the staff to spend time on this issue. Once we have a date, you will certainly know about it. Your email is not an exception to this rule. We want to spend this time working on 6.5. and at the moment development has had to be put on hold. We cannot develop LCARS 47 and sort through the huge volumes of messages from people that think we'll suddenly have a date for them.

We have therefore built a robot to answer questions relating to the release of 6.5. Please feel free to ask him that question... over and over, and over. 

Sentry Bot 47
Specially built robot team member for answering single question.

Seriously. Stop it. LCARS 47 will be delayed another 3 years if we keep having to wade through the volume of communication asking this same question over and over and over. 

If you really really want a timeframe, bookmark our stardate Time Beacon. It's our own stardate system and it's pretty functional—or at least we think so. I promise you, that LCARS 47 version 6.5 will definitely be released on a date with numbers in it. 


Alexander Feuerherdt said...

Thanks for the sign of life! I'd suggest you to simply ignore the email spam and just focus on doing your thing.
For anyone who's afraid of missing the release, I'd suggest to follow LCARS47 on Twitter and turn notifications on...

Alex Clark said...

Thank you for all of the hard work that you put into this project!

H.S.I.T.T. Internet 2000 said...

When is finally the version 6.5 for Multi Desktop.
Please tell me I have been waiting a long time, and would like to download it since I have several monitors.

Unknown said...

H.S.I.T.T. Internet 2000... People like you are why we have to wait longer... Seriously, what does "Stop it" mean to you? Hope you don't treat your partner that way

William Mesker said...

I'm waiting patiently to download this.

Eleanor Catherine Davenport said...

H.S.I.T.T. Internet 2000. Seriously? Case in point guys. People never read the posts and just nag on about the release date...

Read. The. Post.


Sylvain Taisant said...

Eleanor, I think the whole team does not need to care about those annoying people who constantly send and ask you the same question. They are just ignoring your answer anyway, all they want is the 6.5 release. Just concentrate on your own life and also on the 6.5, time cannot be changed, it is one of the primordial rule of our Universe!

I think the LCARS 47 team can (and not must) respond to interesting and smart questions and notices. We have waited 3 years to have a very final phase of your awesome work, we can still wait a few.

Take care and LLAP.

Eleanor Catherine Davenport said...

Hiya, Sylvian!

Warning, long response incoming.

The part that we get annoyed about is having to sort through hundreds of them to get to important emails and questions. I can't filter "release" or "date", because there are a lot of people that use those words when they say they're not asking about the release. So for now, I've resorted to banning all emails that nag manually. I've found that a good percentage of the people that nag are the same people asking out of some kind of routine. A small portion do it to piss us off. Add to that, the persistent obsessives. That call us at 3 in the morning demanding answers. The ones that threaten us, and get pretty abusive. Finally, that leaves the innocent majority that either somehow don't read the big notice or fail to realise that it applies to them too. I can't fault them for an email in good faith.

We absolutely love talking to people with genuine questions. It's a huge part of our operating policy. And it's these people that we can't get to because we're having to sort through hoards of emails asking about the release. The solution was to just turn off all email. However. That's not helped. It's just redirected the hoard to Sollertia Station or other social media platforms. We can't win.

So now. You'll have to enter your email when you download 6.5 when it's released and if it matches a nag address, you'll have to wait another yearrr....Oh my God I wish we could get away with doing that.

Thanks for your comment, Sylvain. Stay awesome.

Project Manager

Neil Strawbridge said...

I check in from time to time to see if there's any news. It would never occur to me to write and ask about a release date. It'll happen when it happens and I'm certain you'll announce it on your website.

That said, I'm sorry to read that those types of messages are serving to bog development of this project. I wish I could offer a service that would help with that, such as running "interference" for you.

Eleanor Catherine Davenport said...

I guess they worry that when we release 6.5 that we'll just forget to tell people. At the moment, we've dispersed for the holidays so the pressure's eased a bit. It comes with the territory, I guess. People just sometimes forget that we exist to make free stuff for our community.


Eaglesg said...

Any REAL Star Trek fan should stay open-minded and understand all the awesome work you are doing FOR FREE.

I'm perfectly happy with my LCARS47 CD and if you need three more years to finish 6.5 then it's perfectly fine with me.

You can always count me as one of your most devoted supporters !


jeffmezz said...

If you need help there are plenty of us out here chomping at the bit I understand that Rome wasn't build in a day...But it was built by many hands. I think people have lost their ability to believe ambiguity when it comes to product development. To a lot of us this feels like a dead project that is why you get the emails. Would it not be better to release a BETA of what you have and update it as needed so that you don't lose your fan base. I for one am getting sick of visiting a website that never has anything on it.

Unknown said...

You guys rock!

Unknown said...


MacGyvr said...

So, if development was put on hold five to seven months ago, and no posts since, I think we would have to assume that development never started again. Honestly, considering this is a "product" in development now for almost 4 years, there's not a lot of point in finishing it because what you did at the beginning is now obsolete. You really can't take that amount of time and produce something of consistent quality. Technology changes too quickly.

Eleanor Catherine Davenport said...

All valid points. However, LCARS 47 is free, provided with no request for compensation and without warranty, in our own time, on our own dime. As I've said to others, fund a dev team of 20, and you can have it last week.

Project Manager

Erik said...

Time Beacon is not shared publically.

Eleanor Catherine Davenport said...

Fixed :D

Unknown said...

Will the new release include an application launcher so i can run my entire desktop from within LCARS ?

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