Sunday, 10 February 2013

LCARS 47 Hacking Ripping and Exploiting

Recently, there's been a ton of ripping from LCARS 47 and people either recompiling duplicates, adding adverts and even trying to sell LCARS 47 (or lightweight copies) either as a pay-to-download, or as mobile applications.

Whatever the method, they are merely unoriginal, stolen content—use at your own risk, as we offer no warranty.

The problem is, thus far, CBS have left us alone. Why? Probably because we ain't doing this to get rich. Hell, we ain't doing this to get anything. Anyways... When people start ripping content and passing it off as LCARS 47 for profit, CBS might be lead to believe we're responsible. That could mean that my inbox becomes the target for a DMCA notice.

To those of you that are decompiling, reverse engineering and ultimately stealing from the Star Trek community: please don't, because it makes us look bad, it's malicious, and makes you look like a thief.

To this end, I remind you that LCARS 47 should only be downloaded (free) from:
  •, or 
In short, if you get it from somewhere else, you're on your own—we can't help you if something goes wrong.