Thursday, 22 November 2012

New Customizable and Text Searchable Database

Hai guys. I know it's been a long time and it seems like we've all been on sabbatical lately.

Anyways, I won't drone on about my life today—but you can add us on Skype if you really want to know about my meanderings...

Stefan has recently learned how to use Adobe Illustrator, so with that in mind, we're expanding the production of database material. He drew up the image on the left rather promptly. Sound mediocre? Think again.

We've had a little think and thought "why not have a text search function?" You know, if you type "Hekeras" into the text field and hit search, a listing would appear containing say, datafiles on the Hekeras Corridor, the effect of warp engines on subspace, the missing medical ship and so on. Why not include a stardate search? If some users know their way around Flash, they can create their own datafiles and add the tags to the index (an XML file in the program directory). The possibilities are endless...

One problem.

Keep reading.

To implement what I like to call a 'retroactive metafile database', I'd need to pour some serious hours into the project. Not just the database coding, but the database itself... I've said it before—there's a whole lot of Star Trek.

So this is at the top of the drawing boards for version 6.3.

Oh, and one other thing, speaking of version 6, we're also working on this...