Sunday, 16 September 2012

Windows Thinks You're Too Stupid to Use this Feature and has therefore Disabled it. Access Denied

For those of you having issues with Windows 7's childproofing and can't edit any files. (Eleanor says that Windows 7 inherits its 'attitude problem' from Vista).

  • Either manually take control of the LCARS 47 directory after installing as an Administrator under compatibility mode with XP Service Pack 3, or
  • Enable the hidden default administrator account typing:
    net user administrator /active:yes into CMD. Of course, you'll need to run CMD as an Administrator, after taking an IQ test, followed by going on a quest to get the secret password after saving Princess Vienna before you are allowed to hit the "Enter" key... But fear not, my noble quest goer, once you enable the admin account, you can rejoice in baby-proof free computing.

Also, do this at your own risk. Eleanor ain't responsible if you mess stuff up (or get killed by a dragon while you're doing the quest).