Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Quattuor Celebrationes

It's a special time here at LCARS 47. We've been working on Prolixus for a year, and version 6.2 is upon us. To top that, this is our 100th blog post and we've just passed 30,000 page views since opening up the Dev Blog.

Version 6.2 will be released on Friday as promised, so check back then and get ready to experience even more customization options including, cutsom mission files such as your ship's assignment, custom mission logs, an improved Drydock with interactive animated cutaway diagrams, class-unique alert sirens remastered from the series, tons of new database files and loads more.

Prolixus isn't the only one getting a bit of TLC, Vexillum has had a few touch ups and we're releasing 2 new public betas (Anticuus, the older LCARS and HaSta the full-on Klingon computer). There will also be a production alpha version of Project Alvearium. If that's not enough for you, we're hosting a Skype conference call on launch night, details here.