Thursday, 16 August 2012

Computer Breakdown and Possible Delays

Hi guys. Got some bad news. Today, after installing updates for Windows, my computer refused to let me log in. Instead, it decided that rebooting after a Blue Screen was better than working...

I found the problem (eventually), it was the remnants of an old camera driver that was not compatible with Windows Vista after I used Windows Update. So every time Windows starts, loads drivers, it Blue Screens. After spending hours sifting through the System 32 directory and manually deleting driver files to no avail, I decided to reinstall, but not before tricking Vista to let me in via Safe Mode to copy the project files over to a new hard drive.

Anyways, the good news is, I now have all the project files stored in a protected backup and once I relink all the hierarchical references in the project files, we should be back up and running. Delays are however, expected. On another note, I did manage to locate my old camera (the perpetrator) and smash it to bits—which made me feel good.