Sunday, 22 July 2012

Prometheus Class MSD Cutaway

If you're with us on Facebook, you've likely already seen the Prometheus class MSD cutaway. If you're not, then here it is. It's almost there; about 50% complete.

This MSD turned out to be harder to work out and draw up than anticipated since we've incorporated the Multi Vector Assault Mode view configuration—this is LCARS 47, baby. The landing pads are also animated (as are the landing pads of all the starships with landing capabilities).

There's a little bit of artistic license involved to make it all work correctly and to make sure it's technically plausible. Although these are still basic draft images, they represent the final outline and layout of the ship. The shuttlebay has been altered slightly to accommodate a Starfleet Runabout and I've added a few extra torpedo launchers for good measure.