Thursday, 7 June 2012

Some New Features in Good Time

Okay, I don't have any fancy screenshots for you but after receiving a few emails today, Stefan and I started taking notes of what we should start adding to LCARS 47 (namely, Prolixus).

  1. Engineering systems
    • Warp core eject system
    • Systems diagnostics
    • Life support
    • Computer diagnostics
  2. Starship separation systems
  3. Operational systems
    • Shuttle bay systems
    • Transporter control systems monitors
    • Cargo bay systems
    • Landing control systems*
    • Brig monitors
  4. Medical systems
    • Various sickbay readouts
    • Med-lab readouts
Now, some of these won't be seen straight away, as I'm sure you can imagine it's a fair amount of work, but rest assured Stefan will probably get on at me to make sure they all get done.