Saturday, 24 December 2011

LCARS 6 Database Plugins • Archived: Dec 18, 2011

LCARS 6 is coming along nicely, with completion of the Champagne update, and MSD plugins. I'm currently working on a database module which will allow periodically released database files to be installed directly into version 6. Once installed, version 6 will be updated to display new the new data packs.

Confirmed modules include;
• Starship class schematics which include detailed cutaways and annotations with technical data.
• Federations texts which include directives*, treaties, etc.
• Xenology databases, which contain data pertaining to all major canon** races in Star Trek
• Historical databases.

Planned modules
• User customizable personnel files, there are plans to include a customizable database of your own ship's senior officers.

Screenshot of early concept: [link]

The (currently) unmarked roundish buttons will act as scroll buttons.

(The database layout is loosely based upon the DS9 briefing room MSD: [link])

As always, I'm open to suggestions.

* The Omega Directive will be omitted, since the Federation officially denies its existence.
** Prime canon reality. Although LCARS 47 is set around the time of Nemesis (2379 (stardate ca. 56844.9)), it is assumed that Romulus is still in existence.

Peace, love and prosper.