Tuesday, 19 September 2017

For enquiries regarding the release date of 6.5, read this.

As this is an ongoing issue, please be mindful that this issue has gotten really out of control now. 

We're wasting 4 hours per week having to deal with sorting out "where's 6.5?" to respond to genuine comments and emails. 6.5 is being delayed and delayed because we do not have the staff to spend time on this issue. Once we have a date, you will certainly know about it. Your email is not an exception to this rule. We want to spend this time working on 6.5. and at the moment development has had to be put on hold. We cannot develop LCARS 47 and sort through the huge volumes of messages from people that think we'll suddenly have a date for them.

We have therefore built a robot to answer questions relating to the release of 6.5. Please feel free to ask him that question... over and over, and over. 

Sentry Bot 47
Specially built robot team member for answering single question.

Seriously. Stop it. LCARS 47 will be delayed another 3 years if we keep having to wade through the volume of communication asking this same question over and over and over. 

If you really really want a timeframe, bookmark our stardate Time Beacon. It's our own stardate system and it's pretty functional—or at least we think so. I promise you, that LCARS 47 version 6.5 will definitely be released on a date with numbers in it. 


Alexander Feuerherdt said...

Thanks for the sign of life! I'd suggest you to simply ignore the email spam and just focus on doing your thing.
For anyone who's afraid of missing the release, I'd suggest to follow LCARS47 on Twitter and turn notifications on...

Alex Clark said...

Thank you for all of the hard work that you put into this project!

H.S.I.T.T. Internet 2000 said...

When is finally the version 6.5 for Multi Desktop.
Please tell me I have been waiting a long time, and would like to download it since I have several monitors.

Unknown said...

H.S.I.T.T. Internet 2000... People like you are why we have to wait longer... Seriously, what does "Stop it" mean to you? Hope you don't treat your partner that way

William Mesker said...

I'm waiting patiently to download this.

Eleanor Catherine Davenport said...

H.S.I.T.T. Internet 2000. Seriously? Case in point guys. People never read the posts and just nag on about the release date...

Read. The. Post.


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