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Sunday, 19 October 2014

LCARS 47 Version 6.5 Update

Hi guys. Here's a quick update regarding the development of LCARS 47, version 6.5. The development is going well and we are pleased to announce that both Microsoft Windows and Mac OSX will be fully supported. The features will be consistent between the Windows and OSX versions. The only exception will be the VoiceCommand feature, which will require a bit of creativity on the OSX platform.

 Here's a quick list of confirmed features to hit 6.5.
  • Multiple monitor support as standard
  • Drydock version III
    • Multiple ship class customization (with five ships available at launch and more to follow)
  • Multiple ship profiles, which allows you to have more than one ship saved. This includes
    • Multiple ship classes
    • Independent names and registries for each ship profile
    • Independent logs for each ship profile
  • Theatrical mode, which disables the deactivate and settings buttons inside LCARS 47. This feature was added for those that use LCARS 47 at conventions and want to prevent the application being closed by users
  • Ambient sounds are making a return. This was a feature that many users requested be re-added
  • The "Jukebox" media player (below).
There will be many more features added and more information will be posted as we work through our list.

Drydock III

In Drydock-related news, I can also confirm that the artwork is coming along nicely. We're nearing completion of the first five ship classes, the Galaxy, Nova, Intrepid, Sovereign, and Prometheus. 

As part of our quality assurance, we've optimized the way we do our artwork, which means we can add way more detail (as seen in the image to the left) than in the previous Drydock iteration. And yes, in true LCARS 47 traditions, Easter eggs are plenty. Have fun finding them all (although we will not be keeping a record of what, how many, and where they are).

Please note: these screenshots are of a current development and may include errors or omissions, and may not reflect the final product.

Sunday, 13 January 2013

LCARS 47 on Mobile Devices and Tablets

There's been a lot of hype lately about the Windows Store and neat little apps that you can buy and run on your Windows 8 device. People often ask us about our plans regarding app development for the mobile market and we always say the same thing: "LCARS 47 is too hefty for mobile devices."

The other big thing is cost. Apple likes developers to pay a fee to sell apps in their AppStore. We simply will not get involved in the politics of money. Why? Unlike most other LCARS inspired apps, LCARS 47 is freeware. It's never gonna cost a damned penny, and that's a fact. Everything here is funded out of the pockets of those working on it. We don't even accept donations.

You wanna donate? Sure please do, but donate to an awesome charity like Amnesty International or something—they really can make better use out of donations than we ever could.

Anyways, in the meantime, you can run LCARS 47 on Windows 8 (hardware specs depending), as you can see below after Stefan co-opted his friend's laptop.

And if you're more of an Android type, then Daniel Carley has just the solution for you.

See? All of it's still free.

Sunday, 16 September 2012

Windows Thinks You're Too Stupid to Use this Feature and has therefore Disabled it. Access Denied

For those of you having issues with Windows 7's childproofing and can't edit any files. (Eleanor says that Windows 7 inherits its 'attitude problem' from Vista).

  • Either manually take control of the LCARS 47 directory after installing as an Administrator under compatibility mode with XP Service Pack 3, or
  • Enable the hidden default administrator account typing:
    net user administrator /active:yes into CMD. Of course, you'll need to run CMD as an Administrator, after taking an IQ test, followed by going on a quest to get the secret password after saving Princess Vienna before you are allowed to hit the "Enter" key... But fear not, my noble quest goer, once you enable the admin account, you can rejoice in baby-proof free computing.

Also, do this at your own risk. Eleanor ain't responsible if you mess stuff up (or get killed by a dragon while you're doing the quest).