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Friday, 26 February 2016

Captain's Log, Stardate 56760.5...

That's right. Mission logs are getting the 6.5 makeover treatment this week as we're massively expanding the existing feature. You'll be able to write logs, search, and view existing logs all from within the program. Shaun has been working on the code for this feature all week and it's looking pretty good (but I'm biased). Here's a preview of the interface I threw together, under Shaun's expert direction.

The reception thus far has been positive with the only criticism being about my horrendous typos. But hey, that's why we have quality control, right?

We're also planning on adding audio/video logs at some point too. Unfortunately, the ability to dictate a log will remain in the realms of science fiction... Have you ever tried dictating the word "Cardassian" to a primitive 21st century computer? Yeah... 

In other news, yes! You're finally getting a transporter control system. That means you can all stop emailing me about it (you win). You can thank Shaun for this one (again) as he's the one that swayed the balance in favour of implementing it. As we've said before however, you're responsible for sourcing your own personnel transporter room (we just supply the software). As for Heisenberg Compensators, that's your problem—we ain't responsible for puddles of cellular residue where away teams were standing. Here's a preview for you though:

You should know that this module is designed to span across two monitors... two touchscreen monitors with at least 3-point multi-touch support. If you don't have those, you won't be sliding those transport cycle initiators. However, those of you using a mouse will be able to program a transport auto sequence.

I know, not everyone has two touchscreens, but they are pretty cheap these days and since more people are buying them, we've made the decision to roll with the times. Expect to see more touchscreen exclusives on the feature list in the future.

That's all for now!

Sunday, 29 July 2012

Anticuus Update

With the 6.2 service pack being postponed for a month after the original release date, I've found a little surplus time which I've spent on LCARS Anticuus.

The first module is almost complete now. It's one of my favorites; the Subspace Scan Analysis. The inspiration for this one is taken from Star Trek: Generations, on the bridge of the USS Enterprise B. the actual subspace animation is a recolored reuse of the one in LCARS Vexillum.

The red alert visual has followed the alert color scheme from Generations as well, with a light blue accent. I won't include a blue alert visual, since it wasn't really needed (or used) on the older starships.

As always, any suggestions are more than welcome.

Friday, 20 July 2012

Project Anticuus

We're proud to announce the next application in the LCARS 47 series—LCARS Anticuus.

Originally intended as a small hidden animation in Prolixus, and referred to as 'Excelsior', it was misplaced and left out of Prolixus all together. Now, all the progect files have been rediscovered and instead of going in the original direction of a simple animation, we've decided to go the whole 8.2296 meters.

We figured that this app will not only bridge the gap between the LCARS 47 Project and fans of the older series and TOS era movies, but will prove useful for fans in the current era, who might come across an old Federation ship in whichever fan film they're working on.

"A profundis Historæ, inla volat iterum." — Project Anticuus motto 

It means "From the depths of history, she flies again." In the continuing traditions of LCARS 47, we went with a Latin name, Anticuus, which means 'classic'.