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Monday, 5 June 2017

LCARS 47: Panel

I know you're all pulling your hair out wondering where 6.5 is... We really appreciate your patience, and thank you all for your continued support. Over the past 6 months, there's been mentions of Eventus and what it is. This is why we thought that developing Eventus was worth the delayed release. This is what you'll be getting.

Cheap Android phone + door + LCARS 47... Introducing Panel. Simple no frills app, glue a cheap old phone to a doorside, and bam! Doorbell, lights, network wide alerts... Runabout not included. Little ship jokes however are.

Welcome to the 24th century. More updates to come.

Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Drydock Update and Artwork

Good news, boys and girls, we've finalized the UI for the Drydock module. This will also include red and blue alert visual change, plus something that we'll save for you to discover on your own...

Here is the Nova class, one of the first five starship classes that will be released with LCARS 47 version 6.5.

In related news... For those wondering what the first five starship classes will be released, we can confirm that they are as follows...

  1. The Nova class light explorer,
  2. The Intrepid class medium explorer
  3. The Galaxy class heavy explorer
  4. The Sovereign class heavy explorer, and
  5. The Prometheus class medium tactical cruiser.
And for those of you wondering... yes, starship separation will be fully supported in both the Galaxy and Prometheus classes. We may add separation capability to the Sovereign at a later date based on John Eaves concepts.

After the first five starship classes are released, we will be releasing 2 classes each month. Each month will have a specific theme. Details will be posted here, nearer the time.

That's all for today, don't forget to hit share so you can help spread the word.

Wednesday, 28 August 2013

LCARS 47 Certified RGB Lighting System

In the near future, the team here at LCARS 47 are considering producing a limited number of RGB lights which will be designed to run with our VoiceCommand application. Our question is, would you be interested?

These units will respond to your voice commands, as seen here.

For $110 USD, you will receive the control unit, pre-programmed specifically for use with the VoiceCommand app, a 1m waterproof strip of LED lights, USB cable to interface with the computer and the light power supply. These units should be capable of running up to 3m of LED strips.

The proceeds from the sales will go to covering the future I.T related costs of LCARS 47 for the future projects we are working on for you, the community.

If interested, what additional features would you like us to consider? Post your questions below and we'll field them as best as possible.

Originally posted by Shaun Overton via Facebook.

Tuesday, 10 April 2012

TNG Styled Status Lights

Absolutely classic design. They just made the bridge of the Enterprise-D look perfect. And when they were flashing red, behind Picard, you knew he meant business.
I figured I'd find a way to include them in LCARS Prolixus somewhere in the next update.

Hit the '1' key to go to yellow alert, '2' for red alert and '0' to stand down. The yellow alert lights will briefly display when hitting red alert—not sure if this was a lighting error in the show, but I decided to keep it true to the original—besides, it looks awesome that way. You might have to click on the animation above for it to work in your browser.