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Sunday, 2 September 2012

No Federation Sick bay should be Without...

As you probably know from yesterday's post, I've been working with 3D, specifically working on an animation that will form part of the Sickbay systems. Today, I've taken a break from the 3D and started to work on some more 'traditional' animations.

You will of course, remember the "Patient Biomedical Scan" monitors from various Sickbay monitors. This proved to be a tricky animation to get just right but I think I got it just the way I wanted it. There's an option to switch the animation for a flat-line where vital signs will slowly fade.

Sadly, there were no medical sounds in Star Trek: Nemesis to use as event sounds for this animation. With that said, I'm gonna get to work remasteing some audio from Star Trek: Voyager so they sound like they'd be from Nemesis so they fit with the theme. You're now cleared to go on away missions, because in the next update, LCARS 47 has you covered...

Sunday, 22 January 2012

Security/CCTV Feature Complete

You may remember my previous post about a security monitor that could serve as a CCTV monitor. It's now complete, and working without any problems. I also decided to add the 'frame' from the holocamera from Star Trek: Voyager - "In the Flesh" since I thought it added a further LCARS charm to the screen - you know, moving arrows, scrolling numbers. 

Hopefully, this will provide a really useful feature for those of you with with a webcam on your front door. I'll probably further develop this area, since the usefulness potential is worth investing in.

Sunday, 15 January 2012


As much as I'd love to recreate the Astrometrics display from Voyager, or the Stellar Cartography lab from Generations, it's not really practical. Unless of course you have a huge convexed monitor, or several holographic screens. So I thought I'd do the next best thing - an interactive astrometrics display.

Simply click on the grid to zoom and see what's floating around in space. Click again to return to the main grid.

If you've already seen the previous post, there's three planets up for grabs if you fancy naming them.

Thursday, 29 December 2011

Security Monitor (webcam/CCTV)

Here's a new feature for those of you with webcams (or other USB live video camera). You can use your camera as a CCTV device within Version 6, to view a live feed.

I'm currently refining this feature, so it's still really basic right now and only supports a 320 x 240 camera resolution. Any higher resolution will be downscaled to 240p. On release of Version 6, this will likely be a lot higher.

Note: the image in the display is a stock photograph for illustration.