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Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Master Systems Display and Unique Starship Abilities

Here she is. The Galaxy class starship. This took an entire month of work. It's loaded with animation and interaction. We're also confirming that this is the finalized user interface for the Master Systems Display Engineering module. This module will probably become the centre point of your LCARS 47 experience because with the rollout of 6.5, this screen will update to reflect the current shipboard situation. 

What does all that mean? Well, you probably already know that 6.5 will support multiple monitors and even have networking features. Thanks to our new event management mechanic, Eventus, LCARS 47 will now communicate with all other instances of LCARS 47, even those running on separate networked computers. For you, this means that if you eject the warp core, the MSD will update, to show that the warp core is not present, the nacelles will show a powered down state, and all systems reliant on the warp core will go offline. The core eject feature is standard across all the ships we'll be including in Drydock, but some ships will have unique abilities. Here's a class specific list of the most prominent unique ability (these aren't the only unique abilities each class will, have, just the ones we're confirming now).

The Sovereign
Those of you with Sovereigns will have the ability to detach the main deflector which will mean that shield systems lose a bit of stability, you won't be able to go to warp, and certainly not be able to navigate an asteroid field.

The Intrepid
If the Intrepid is more your thing, then you can play with the nacelles. They move and unless they're in the upright and locked position, you ain't going anywhere at warp speed. 

The Galaxy
The Galaxy has of course a wonderfully dramatic ability to separate the saucer section completely. You guys don't need details as to what happens during separation, so I'll skip the info for this one.

The Nova
Being a small ship appearing as featured ship in only two feature length episodes, deciding what unique features the Nova has was tough. We're still thinking of things to add, so, ideas on a post card, people.

The Prometheus
MVAM, MVAM, MVAM... MVAM. Plus a megatonne of other tactical systems, not limited to a sassy EMH.

That's it for now. Stay tuned for more updates, and don't forget to share the news. Peace!

Friday, 17 August 2012

MSD Cutaway Development Videos

If you're with us on Facebook, the chances are, you've already seen these videos. If not, we've uploaded them to YouTube.

Sunday, 22 July 2012

Prometheus Class MSD Cutaway

If you're with us on Facebook, you've likely already seen the Prometheus class MSD cutaway. If you're not, then here it is. It's almost there; about 50% complete.

This MSD turned out to be harder to work out and draw up than anticipated since we've incorporated the Multi Vector Assault Mode view configuration—this is LCARS 47, baby. The landing pads are also animated (as are the landing pads of all the starships with landing capabilities).

There's a little bit of artistic license involved to make it all work correctly and to make sure it's technically plausible. Although these are still basic draft images, they represent the final outline and layout of the ship. The shuttlebay has been altered slightly to accommodate a Starfleet Runabout and I've added a few extra torpedo launchers for good measure.