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Tuesday, 15 March 2016

Feature-Packed 6.5

These videos are becoming a regular thing... This one shows two instances of LCARS 47 v6.5 running on twin touchscreens. Dual touchscreens really make the transporter controls an energizing experience... The helm module is also spread across two monitors.

The cursor pads at either side of the touchscreens are part of the helm module in Vexillum, which will work in tandem with Prolixus. 6.5 will support up to six monitors for you to mix and match Vexillum and Prolixus as you desire. If that's not enough, they'll also work over a LAN with other computers running LCARS 47. Want more? If you have an Android smartphone or tablet, then there's Expeditus, which will of course also connect to LCARS 47 running on your LAN. Because why wait for the 24th century?

Working on the medical systems today, starting with that classic "Patient Biomedical Status" seen frequently in Voyager. Convincing readouts are difficult to achieve, theatrically, so a whole day was spent getting this "right" (enough)...

As requested, here's a link to the monitor we used in videos:

Sunday, 6 March 2016

Set a course for... 6.5.

It's been asked for, it's been demanded of us, and now, it's getting a green light... The helm. No, not that Forward Navigational Scan, I'm talking of the actual helm. There will be two variants hitting 6.5. One version based on those gorgeous Enterprise-D panels, and one based on the helm of the Voyager. 

Now, we know what you're thinking... "But Eleanor", I hear (probably) "those panels are wider than the average monitor!", you exclaim (maybe). Well, just like the transporter, the Enterprise styled helm will require two instances of Prolixus running on a dual monitor setup (pictured below).

Now, we know that the image above isn't strictly accurate; I had to take considerable artistic licence to make the design fit the monitors. I took the liberty of adding an auxiliary readout to the lower left side of the helm and added an overall touch-up to the GUI to bring it closer to Prolixus than the early TNG stuff it's based on. Remember, we're going for a Post Nemesis era refit Galaxy style of LCARS.

Next, is my personal favourite. I have been wanting to do this for 10 years. It's the helm of the Voyager (below). She requires three instances of Vexillum (four if you add the Forward Navigational Scan readout monitor) and two instances of Prolixus. That's five (or six) monitors. That's a big ask, we know, but we're giving you the ability to put together the Voyager's helm... 

As the picture to the left will show, the helm will support the alert feature, so they'll all go red when you call those famous words.

And finally, I've received tonnes of feedback from previous images regarding those typos. Yes, I know they're alarmingly frequent, but sometimes they slip by since the text is often an afterthought during the concept stage. Any text will be subject to the same quality control inspection when we move to QA testing.

That's all for now.