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Monday, 4 February 2013

Things Getting Heavy with the New Database

A huge overhaul is underway with the Federation Database. The new module will consist of everything we can think of... That's a lot of stuff. It truely is a monumental but highly rewarding task.

The first image to the left is a very famous cartograph of the Alpha Quadrant, the home of the United Federation of Planets.

The image to the right is a database file containing information pertaining to the Akira class starship, one of my favorite classes. There will be a file on every single starship class ever seen in Star Trek, every shuttle type, every escape pod design. Needless to say, it's gonna be huge. We won't be adding fan made stuff though but we may add selected noncanon ships like the Valiant class as well as ships from certain games like Activision's Falcon class (Romulan). We'll also use commonly accepted noncanon names for ships with no official name (where no tech manual gives it a name), like the Venture class scout seen in Star Trek: Insurrection.

The third image is something Stefan and I both worked on. He wanted to add this image since it has a ton of details.

Now, onto the really cool part...

A new, bigger Federation musical database. I know that you've all Googled a particular tune you heard in Star Trek, from Vivaldi to Sousa (pictured, right). Why not have it all in one app—available whenever? This will also include timeless Trek-unique pieces such as the already included Inner Light (but improved score). Federation Anthem? You got it!

There's only one minor problem... all the music (and the recording) must be either in the public domain or fall under a Creative Commons license. It's a minor problem, but it's one we have to respect. Having said that, I've found a ton of public domain works and I, myself, play the piano... so you'll probably be hearing more of my hammering on the black and whites.

On a quick side note, yes this database will be big. So it will not come with the main installer, but as an addon installer (much like the ever delayed Drydock plugins).

Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Please State the Nature of the Medical Emergency

I've started work on the Sickbay/Medical systems and monitors today. The whole module will feature a few animations based on those seen throughout Star Trek. Some modules will also contain custom files like the Roster database where you can add custom medical reports and such.

There's also a microscope feed monitor where you can hook up your webcam (like the Security Monitor Feed) or even a real USB microscope if the webcam option is not enough for you.

I'll probably include a medical catalogue database as well, which will contain various data file on common illnesses such as the Vidian Phage (Voyager: "The Phage", "Faces"), Anchilles Fever (TNG: "Code of Honor"), Levodian Flu (Voyager: "Tattoo"), and so on.

I'll also be adding a 'lifesigns monitor' and a few static images for good measure.

Sunday, 25 March 2012

Vexillum SP 5 and Prolixus SP 1.1 update

We're gonna be rolling out a service pack update for Vexillum and a supplementary update for Prolixus.

Vexillum • Service Pack 5 (v5.5.0.0)
A few minor bugfixes and a complete font sizing rework. The System Access menu will be completely reworked to almost match the "Primary System Directory" in Prolixus. VoiceCommand will be completed. A few new animations will also be added.

Prolixus • Update (v6.1.1.0)
Prolixus will benefit from a few minor changes, mostly alignment related. The "Mission Ops" bug will be fixed and a whole new "Mission Ops" module added. The Federation Database will be reworked completely to allow easier and more frequent database module plugins to be added (although, you should not notice the change). The long awaited "Excelsior Files" will also be added among other missing Easter eggs.

Friday, 9 March 2012

The Continuing Voyages... Well, Development

The future of LCARS 47 is looking good. 

In Prolixus, We're currently working on expanding the Federation Database module, adding a few new sections including, a medical system, a science system and more. There's also work on a "mission overview" database module, where users can enter a custom mission brief and more.

Vexillum is also set to receive a few customizable features too. Details soon.

Thursday, 8 March 2012

Databank, the LCARS 47 Wiki

After receiving a rather detailed email from a user (we'll call him Kris (because that's his name)), suggesting the creation of a fancy new Wiki. Well, it's 04:52 in the morning, and I'm finally happy to let you all know about it—I did have a day off planned and probably lunch with Greig (LCARS Quality Assurance) later—But LCARS is pretty fun to do. I'm rambling...

So, to wrap it up, there's a new Wiki, powered by Wikia and here's a link. (link removed, reason: cost of upkeep)