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Monday, 5 June 2017

6.5 Video Roundup

Saturday, 14 July 2012

Engineering Overhaul

You may remember the post about the new Warp Core control system module (right). Well, that's been scrapped now, and replaced with a new, more technical looking layout (below), similar to the Defiant's warp core situation monitor. I think that this gives us more variation in the LCARS UI, rather than having the same basic layout for everything. The bad news is that this will delay the 6.2 release, but I'd rather hold off and work on something better than spend a month on something that could be better.

The image is currently gray, but we'll add color to it when the layout is finalized. And yes, it will support custom warp core diagrams when you install your preferred Drydock plugin.

Anyways, that's about it for today. Have a great weekend guys.

Saturday, 9 June 2012

She Cannae Take it, Cap'n

As mentioned in yesterday's post, we're working on some new features. Today, I can go into more detail about the part we're currently working on—the warp core systems monitor.

At the minute, I'm just outlining design elements and working out where things should go. To the right, is a preliminary example of the warp core eject system. The warp core systems monitor will have numerous other functions such as shutting down the warp core and restarting it. Things like increasing the power output to 110% above normal are a given since sometimes, it's more dramatic than the local wormhole... sometimes.

The best part, if you haven't already noticed, is that each warp core system monitor will be totally unique to the class of ship you've installed in Drydock, so if you've installed the Intrepid class, you'll see a warp core fitting of that class. If you've installed the Sovereign class, then you're gonna see a big honkin' Sovereign style warp core (that'll probably take me ages to draw).

There is one problem however, we've never really seen an up close Okudagram of warp systems. With this in mind, we're gonna go ahead and throw in some major artistic license. Hopefully, it'll be as faithful to canon as the rest of LCARS 47.

In another note, the new features that are dependent on whichever Drydock plugin is installed, will not work unless you update your Drydock class plugin as well (since I'm gonna overhaul that too).