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Monday, 5 June 2017

6.5 Video Roundup

Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Who Said Compassion is Irrelevant?

..It certainly wasn't these two Drones.

Here at the LCARS 47 Dev Project, it's not just about LCARS and fancy software—we love a bit of charity fun too. And this post is dedicated to just that.

Two close friends of Stefan's, Angie and M of the USS Isaac, Starfleet International, Region 20, are suiting up as Borg drones with a few other fellow Trekkers (and possibly a Klingon) in aid of Red Nose Day, this coming March 15.

They'll be walking the 'old walls of Newcastle', a trek of about 5 kilometers in aid of disadvantaged children in the UK and Africa. It's a fantastic event and we'd love it if you guys could rally together in support of the fundraiser. 

Click here to visit the donation page and help them hit their £1,000 target! Resistance is futile.

Sunday, 5 August 2012

Project HaSta Dev Screenshots

Because we can't have an idea and not work on it. After watching Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country, I started drawing up some initial animations.

These images are taken from some sort of 'sensors' program. I don't know what they do, really, I just kinda' drew them up based on General Chang's viewscreen and tried to make them look right.

All of the buttons and the database texts in HaSta are in actual written Klingon, something which was important to us from the start, since we believe that adding real Klingon text (rather than random Klingon letters) would make the project really stand out. We know that most of the users might not speak tlhIngan Hol, so it'll be arranged in an easy-to-remember format. Failing that, we suggest you get yourselves a Klingon dictionary.

If you want to see a preliminary Flash version, click here and let me know what you think.

When we release the next update to LCARS 47, we'll include a beta version of Project HaSta, and Project Perfection, the Borg computer app.

Monday, 2 January 2012

The Borg Have Returned (Preview)

The Borg were easy to beat in the Version 5. Well, they're back for Version 6, and they've adapted. Be prepared to fight them off, by locking down computer systems and rerouting vital systems to avoid assimilation. If you fail, it's over.

Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Hidden Goodies • Preview Hint

Over the course of the development, LCARS 47 has become known for its hidden secrets - most notably the "assimilation virus" which became favorite among users. Version 6 will proudly follow that tradition. There's a ton of new secrets, hidden surprises and in-jokes that only the most hardened Trekker will get. 

Here's a preview of just three of them. First, there's some old library computer files stored in a database somewhere which contain a copy of the software from the USS Excelsior. There's also a few sing-along audio files to find, including a very special audio treat for fans of The Next Generation. And there's also a way to hack into a Romulan Warbird computer; just don't get caught in there...

These are just three examples of what's in store, but I can confidently say that there will be some things in Version 6 that you will seriously love. One thing in particular is sure to be a success.

On a related note, The Borg are set to make a comeback, with an even more deadly nanoprobe toxin you'll need to think fast to escape it - if that's even possible.

Something I thought would give you something to look forward to in Version 6. Happy hunting.