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Monday, 5 June 2017

LCARS 47: Panel

I know you're all pulling your hair out wondering where 6.5 is... We really appreciate your patience, and thank you all for your continued support. Over the past 6 months, there's been mentions of Eventus and what it is. This is why we thought that developing Eventus was worth the delayed release. This is what you'll be getting.

Cheap Android phone + door + LCARS 47... Introducing Panel. Simple no frills app, glue a cheap old phone to a doorside, and bam! Doorbell, lights, network wide alerts... Runabout not included. Little ship jokes however are.

Welcome to the 24th century. More updates to come.

Friday, 13 July 2012

Prolixus 6.2 Completed Modules

Hi guys. I thought I'd keep you updated with regards to the upcoming service packs for Prolixus and Vexillum. The Database module in Prolixus has been completely revamped and is nearing completion. After the release, successive data packs will be released and can be installed at your own leisure. These will simply install and be ready to go. For the sake of development continuity however, major updates will contain all released data packs, so you don't have to keep installing pack after pack.

On a related note, I've remastered the alert sirens from DS9, Generations and other shows. So this means that high quality alert sounds are all ready for the Drydock updates. This means that if you want a class specific alert siren to match your installed Drydock plugin, you'll need to download the updated plugin from the downloads page when it's released. Thankfully, the audio remastering didn't take as long as expected, so a big thanks to the makers of Audacity!

Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Drydock Alert Siren Update

A little update of what we're currently working on. I've been tinkering with sound captures from Deep Space Nine and filtering the Defiant's red alert klaxon. As you probably know, the alert klaxon will vary throughout LCARS 47, depending on which Drydock plugin you have installed. Have a click on the example below and see what you think, compared to the default Intrepid/Sovereign Class alert siren currently used in LCARS 47.


Saturday, 21 April 2012

Drydock Updates and Red Alert

I've had numerous suggestions to change the alert audio across LCARS 47, whether it be for individual requests (which would be prohibitively time consuming), or for the whole suite (which would annoy some people who like the current one).

In the next line up of Drydock, you'll see (and hear) some new features. First off, the red alert sound you hear will be based on what class vessel you have installed. If you have the Intrepid, Sovereign, Akira, et al, for example, you'll hear the alert from Star Trek: Voyager. If you have either the Galaxy or Nebula classes, you'll hear the alert tone from Star Trek: Generations (not the TNG klaxon), if you have the Defiant class, you'll hear the U.S.S. Defiant's klaxon from Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. I know I can't please everyone with this change, but I figured "when in doubt, go with canon."

Further changes include:
The main MSD will be a cutaway diagram, rather than an exterior starboard view, vessel classes that have separation capability and multi-vector systems will have their own little subsystem allowing them to separate. Vessels that don't have this capability like the Intrepid class, will have their own unique system here, like 'landing strut control'. Just think of this new section as your 'code blue station', which will be added to the Mission Ops section (in Prolixus only).

That's it for now. There's no timetable for this, but it shouldn't be too far ahead.

Tuesday, 10 April 2012

TNG Styled Status Lights

Absolutely classic design. They just made the bridge of the Enterprise-D look perfect. And when they were flashing red, behind Picard, you knew he meant business.
I figured I'd find a way to include them in LCARS Prolixus somewhere in the next update.

Hit the '1' key to go to yellow alert, '2' for red alert and '0' to stand down. The yellow alert lights will briefly display when hitting red alert—not sure if this was a lighting error in the show, but I decided to keep it true to the original—besides, it looks awesome that way. You might have to click on the animation above for it to work in your browser.