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Friday, 1 April 2016

Full Motion 3D and Brand New High Resolution Planet Image Assets

Finally, some 3D. Eleanor was never happy with the sparse (and badly optimized) 3D components in previous versions, so we've revised the method. New assets, better quality. Also shown is the new "reconfiguring UI" which adds a more natural transition between various UI configurations.

There's no doubt, Captain, right down to your aggressive strain of full motion 3D... New 3D additions to LCARS 47 in version 6.5, the 3D DNA comparison faithfully recreated frame by frame.

Music is our cover of the theme from Star Trek®: Nemesis™. Score courtesy of Sony ATV Publishing (STAR TREK: NEMESIS - SCORE).

This video shows the surprisingly popular interactive addition to LCARS 47, Stellar Cartography; a system that was never fully realised in previous versions. Special thanks to NASA, ESA, JPL, and the crew of the Apollo 17 mission for the inspiring images.

Stellar Cartography is getting a massive overhaul, we're adding a huge Stellar Cartography database to LCARS 47 version 6.5. That's a lot of planets. And yes. We're doing them all... From scratch. Each planet will be drawn based on established facts and what we've seen on screen. The above image shows our brand new planet images of Bajor, Qo'Nos, Romulus and Remus. This will be an area where a considerable amount of artistic licence will be needed; but we're happy with the results.

6.5 is going to be immense. 

Friday, 31 August 2012

3D and the Lack Thereof

It always annoyed me that LCARS 47 didn't have 3D elements in there. There were a few tiny 3D elements, but they were done on the fly and let's face it, they're pretty crude. Other bits just 'look' 3D through perspective trickery.

Well, all that's about to change. I just learned 3DS Max... This image will become part of a "Molecular Analysis" animation for the medical systems. Click the image to the right to see an animated GIF version. It's basic, but it's 3D. So far, my skills are limited, but I'm told I have a warped mind, so I should be able to pick it up fairly fast.

Thankfully there are a ton of 3DS starships out there on the Internet already meshed up thanks to the generous contributors of places like Scifi-Meshes and so on, so I guess there's no knowing how far we could take this.